Sunday, December 9, 2007

To Sum it all up...

I am definitely not a blogging pro like my amazing sisters so I have a lot to catch up on. Here is a summary of my college experience so far...

Dates with hot fellas: Two performances and one comedy show at BYU, mini golfing (I won by 2 strokes), bowling (I won by 3 points), bonfire in the canyon, 2 movies, 80's theme homecoming dance, Christmas dance at the cannon center (gotta love that place!), group date with the XC team to get Malts, beach volleyball and swimming (that's when I received my very 1st first boot by the BYU campus ticking guys),couples dress up Halloween party, country swing dancing, long boarding, 7 peaks water park, rollerskating, and probably some other things that I can't remember at the moment.

Fun activities: Sleepover at Katie's condo in the mountains, Women's conference in Salt Lake with a group of gals, Ward trip to see the lights at temple square and watch the Joseph Smith movie, Somehow getting into club 24 (24 hour fitness) 5 times to swim laps and chill in the spa and steam room, 4 football games (yes, I was there for the U of U game), 3 volleyball games, 1 rugby game, 5 soccer games (for 3 of them my club teammates were playing against BYU), 1 basketball game (so far), 2 sauna parties with girls from my hall, 2 snowball fights, a massive game of fugitive, 2 trips to Vegas, laser tag, 4 trips to the mall, a hot chocolate social, 2 floating trips down the Provo River, tunnel singing, the freeze fest, twister and card games, and many, many other fun and exciting things.

Cross Country: According to my running log that each member has to keep, I have run EXACTLY 500 miles from coming to the Y in the middle of August through yesterday (There might be a couple other miles unaccounted for). I am now running 40 miles, doing 2 hill workouts, 2 sprinting workouts, 1 threshold run, two steeple chase workouts, and lifting weights twice....all per week. I guess that's what it takes to keep the freshman 15 off! I still absolutely love running here and I look forward to my workouts every day. As a team we've had 2 dessert parties, 1 bridal shower, 3 cereal parties, 1 Halloween party, 1 campfire devotional, 1 group date, a pre-thanksgiving dinner, 2 runs in the snow (THE funnest way to run), and other small group activities.

Pranks: I'd tell you but then I could be held accountable in the court of BYU law. So ask me on the phone.

Other random tidbits of information: So far I've gotten 2 parking tickets, watched 3 people slip and fall on their bottoms, failed 3 tests that all curved to a C+, gotten sick zero times, nearly froze to death in the ice bath 65 million times, seen 8 accidents on the roads, fed 1 stray cat, and dressed up as a ninja and went around scaring girls in my hall 1 time.

To Sum it all up I'd like to say that I've had an amazing first semester here at BYU and I look forward to many more to come.

Friday, October 5, 2007

BYU Cross Country

The week before school started I went to cross country camp in Park City with 26 complete strangers and came back with 26 new best friends. Ya, the excruciating runs and body prickling ice baths can be unpleasant sometimes, but the girls make up for it. We have dessert parties, pasta dinners, all-you-can-drink chocolate milk after practices, tons of inside jokes, and lots of free clothes that my sisters are patiently waiting to inherit from me. Click HERE to check out my player profile!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fateful Trip

Look at me. So happy, so carefree. Little did I know my life would be put in danger many times within the next 8 hours. After a quick trip down the river in the canoe, I signed up for a second tour to finish the second leg with Dad and Julie. We went through intense rapids, dangerously shallow waters, and were then forced to paddle across a never ending lake in a half sunken canoe. We quickly found the task to be impossible so we ditched the canoe and I took off running through a wheat field for help. Thank goodness for the water skiing hudderites who found me and for the professional helicopter pilot who flew me over to the hudderite colony to reunite us with my mom and Sarah. It was definitely an adventure of a lifetime!